Hi, Patrick here. I started the Dayslayer brand not to build a huge company (tho that'd be pretty rad), but to motivate growth-minded people to get up early and use Jiu-Jitsu to drastically improve their lives on and off the mats. Here are 3 practical points about how the Dayslayer operation serves that core mission:

Made in the USA. Most BJJ practitioners understand how life-giving it is to do honest, effortful work. I’ve chosen to partner with US-based manufacturers in order to support that same spirit in the American worker. I’ll admit that I initially sampled prototypes from China and Pakistan -- where 99% of Jiu-Jitsu brands make their gis, rashguards and shorts -- but nothing came close to the quality and craft of our apparel, which is cut, sewn, and printed in California, Texas, and New Jersey. In terms of dollars and cents, the craftmanship of the American worker means higher cost of labor and the quality of our cotton and antimicrobial polyester means higher costs for raw materials.

From ME to YOU. When you place an order I personally see it through from processing to manufacturing to delivery. I do have other responsibilities and I could hire other people to perform such tasks. But at this current time, I’m in this for the relationships. I want to know you as more than just a number. I literally message every person who places an order (no AI bots here) and every item is made specifically for you after you order it -- that's why delivery usually takes 30 days. Moreover, I'm much more excited to build a powerful tribe of Dayslayers than to scale and sell a company.

Commitment to Action. As a kid baseball player, I believed that new shiny gloves and bats would turn me into Derek Jeter overnight. Then after a rough game of 3 strike outs and 2 fielding errors, I swung back the other way opting for cheap gloves and bats -- sort of a hipster approach. That didn’t work either. Gloves wore holes, bats dented, and I still struck out. More importantly I started to see myself as a low value person who didn't deserve nice things, nor success. As an adult, I've noticed that investing in and wearing my 'Sunday best' has propelled me to take action and build discipline in ways I used to think impossible. It's my hope that any purchase you make leads to not just a brief dopamine hit, but a commitment to show up for yourself and others, and look good in the process.

Rooting for you. -Patrick Donabedian

P.S. If you're prioritizing funds toward other parts of your life right now, here are some solid budget brands on Amazon I'd recommend:

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